What Happened To True Family Entertainment On Television?

This is the question many parents must be asking as they surf channels for an appropriate show the whole family can settle to watch.

There was a trend in the 50s and 60s for television to emulate how American families strived to live. Shows always presented a two-person home with vibrant children where families ate together.

Where are the days where parents trusted the values of shows? Now has television given up its rights of fun, family entertainment in order to portray real life?

Long gone are the stable family units sharing funny life lessons at the dinner table and in came television shows that brought in the lifestyles of those writing the episodes. Many parents and children are wise to reality, but still dream of the time when they could watch television without mature issues.

For instance, one show that did have both parents and happy children, decided to base the whole episode on the son staying in the bathroom because he wanted to do some extra male bonding with his dirty magazines. One must be wondering, how to explain what he was doing to the children. Other shows present material that parents are not ready to introduce to their children such as young kids dating and kissing, divorce and infidelity. On top of that, the shows are less entertaining with these new complexities.

Those of us that are past the age of 30 have deep-seated memories of watching the magic of television bring to life a fictional family who tackle mistakes and problems with hilarious results. It may not be anytime soon, but television shows are bound to return to the time of true family entertainment or suffer the lack of an audience.

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