Why Are There No Average People Portrayed On Television?

Have you ever wondered why there are no average, run of the mill people on television? Even the characters portrayed in so called reality television seem to have exaggerated personalities.

The main reason that this occurs is because of ratings. Face it, ordinary lives are not that interesting on a day to day basis. Sure, everyone has memories of extraordinary adventures or devastating tragedies, but these events tend to occur sporadically throughout life, not every week.

Instead of focusing on an average person, television series tend to follow the lives of people who are easy to relate to. While these characters take on familiar traits that may remind you of yourself, or someone that you know, they live in an extraordinary world where they always seem to be involved in some big event. Depending on the series, the character may happen to always do the right thing or do the wrong thing but learn from it.

While television characters live lives that are completely unrealistic, they are still fun to watch. If you are watching a show that completely draws you into a different world and lets you escape from daily stress, then who cares if its protagonist is a bit on the eccentric side.

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