Television Science Fiction Has Grown Stale

Television science fiction has grown stale, lacking the wonder and originality that the genre has long been known for, leaving an audience interested in unique and distinctive stories scrambling to find new shows to enjoy. While the past decade of television has given us a variety of groundbreaking and culturally significant shows, they have been few and far between. The early cancellation of Joss Whedon’s “Firefly” and the lack of a successful followup for the reboot of “Battlestar Galactica” have left fans searching for a show to fill the void left by the more culturally successful yet short lived shows we have seen in recent years.

New productions and shows seem to committed to following established patterns, rarely breaking the mold enough to distinguish themselves from more contemporary and mainstream shows. Fans of science fiction are no stranger to a drought in quality programming, even the original “Star Trek” was short lived, lasting only a few short seasons before being canceled. The wonder and innovation the genre has to offer would seem to be a never ending source of inspirational and creativity for writes and producers to draw from, giving fans hope for a future that is able to offer more excitement and originality than what the current season has to offer. Can’t get enough? There’s more: 10 Brilliant Sci-Fi TV Shows That Aren’t Star Trek [Stuff to Watch]

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