Reality Television That Jumped The Shark

Many believe that reality television has already jumped the shark as a whole. However ratings prove otherwise. In 2012 reality television is still as popular as ever. Of course there are some shows that have definitely jumped the shark in an attempt to be original or grasp the viewers attention with one last gimmick.

Bachelor Pad

Seriously? The Bachelor and Bachelorette have a huge following. They are romantic and filled with drama. But when The Bachelor Pad was created it was definitely a failed attempt at keeping viewers interested. Who wants to watch all of the rejects compete for money. Nothing is more pathetic than a group of jilted individuals backstabbing one another for cash. It’s just all together depressing.

Singing Shows

American Idol was exciting, but when all the judges started bailing so did the viewers. With the impending doom of the show a multitude of other singing shows started coming out of the woodwork trying to become the favorite. The Voice, Duets, and America’s Got Talent are all basically the same and not one of them has the allure that American Idol once had.

American viewers know what’s going on, and this could be the beginning of the end for “reality” television.

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