There Are Too Many Crime Dramas On Television

Television today is saturated with too many crime dramas. For example, there are some staple crime dramas. Spin-off shows are frequently created. The central theme is crime. However, the shows sometimes include a more distinguishing theme such as police, mystery, FBI, Law, supernatural etc. Crime dramas seem to dominate many television channels. Additionally, this specific genre appears to be on television at all times of the day and night. While there are shortages of other television genres, crime dramas are always prevalent. Every year there seems to be another new crime drama in addition to the long-running crime dramas. These shows are on various basic cable channels as well as subscription premium channels.
For some reason many viewers love crime dramas. While other types of shows get cancelled, this type of show gets renewed and recreated. Newspapers and other television program listings show this fact. Crime dramas have been constantly on different networks for over ten years. There are hundreds of crime dramas in television history. These shows are popular in many countries worldwide. As the fall season approaches, the crime drama trend continues by maintaining many shows while adding new shows. In the near future there will still be too many crime shows.

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