Which 1960′s Television Shows Should Never Be Remade

It is amazing how shows can be recycled, even ones with more innocent and silly aspects to them from the 1960s, but which series from that decade should never be remade? It’s all subjective, but here are a few that might be better left alone.

The World War II drama Combat! starring Rick Jason and Vic Morrow was cutting edge for the day, but in this era of warfare seems out of place. The grit of war’s reality would be even more visible and much of the show’s heart might not seem so sincere. Besides, the 1980s programs Tour of Duty and China Beach covered the more harsher elements of war.

Similarly, the lovable and easy going antics of Gomer Pyle USMC would not seem realistic today. While Jim Nabors brought heart to the seriousness of the Marine Corps, with all we know about the duties those brave men and women do, a network would be hard pressed to sell this concept of a gullible recruit now.

Also stuck to the day is Julia, the Diahann Carroll vehicle about a black nurse working for a white doctor. It was groundbreaking back in 1968, but today would not have near the impact it did then.More info here: Surprise, surprise, surprise: Actor Jim Nabors (Gomer Pyle) marries his longtime boyfriend

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